How Our Merchant Service Providers Benefit From Alpha’s Acquiring As a Service Ecosystem

merchant onboarding
  • Tools for faster & automated onboarding
product management
  • Access any new product quickly
  • Manage all current providers easily
  • Orchestrate across all
  • One API, UI, & Billing Engine
  • Azure, Scalability, Security, Stability
data analytics
  • Acquirer Analytics-as-a-Service

Access one module or leverage all

  • Launch a cloud acquiring back end easily
  • Enhance your current back end & solution stack quickly
  • Create singularity & interoperability across all products
  • Reveal new operational data intelligence

New Operational Intelligence

  • Manage your financial customer risk exposure dynamically
  • Cross sell SME loans via acquiring volume
  • Operationally optimize digitizing statements & provider SLA monitoring
  • Increase Ebitda via pricing & interchange optimization advice

How Alpha Saves You

  • Before


  • 100’s of APIs to Connect to & Maintain
    1 API to any provider
  • Numerous Products & Interfaces
    1 Control Center
  • Many Disparate Data Streams
    1 Data Stream & Warehouse
  • Non-Reconciled Billing & Reports
    1 Reporting & Billing view
  • Poor Product Interoperability
    Orchestration Across All
  • Integration back log
    New Integrations in weeks
  • Scheme compliance costs
    Scheme compliance on us
  • Limited scalability
    Scale in seconds via Azure

Our Benefits

More Products and Data Centralization = Greater Returns

Merchant Service Providers

  • Increase revenue by upselling more products easily - never lack a product again
  • On-board new customers up to 80% quicker
  • Halve IT and operational expenses
  • Prevent up to 5% EBITDA leakage through a single reconciled billing and reporting view


  • Access & customize across the entire solution provider lifecycle
  • Expand into Australia, Singapore, Indonesia & EU, local licenses available
  • Free IT & OPS from integration & standardization costs
  • Increase profits via new operator data intelligence insights
  • Your Merchant ROI Calculator
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